On the first day of the Goalie camp, we will analyze our athletes in order to get a sense of their general level of play. Also, we will work on basic movements so that they can get their motions going, as they have likely not been on the ice very often.


    Tracking the puck is probably the single most vital thing to hockey goaltending. Tracking the puck will let you stay in control of the play and read the game. Specific drills will focus on tracking the puck all the way into your body, which is often neglected.


    Goalie specific movement has been worked on a lot by many goaltending coaches in the past years. Positioning focuses on using the movement efficiently, which is often neglected. Less is more in many game situations.


    Goaltending is a game of reading and reacting to the game. Patience is a key factor for goalies, as they tend to react too quickly to a specific move or shot. We work with our goalies so that they can stay patient and wait for the player to do the first move.


    Goaltending is competition at the most intense level. Even though it has become very technical in the past, the importance of battling for each puck is vital to every goaltender. This is why we include game like competitions in all of our sessions.

July 9th to 13th 2019

in Selva Val Gardena, Italy


With the CCM Pro Goalie Camp, we created a Pro style summer hockey camp where our athletes can train and prepare for the next season. We wanted to gather world class goalie coaches from all over the world to train in the most beautiful sorroundings. Small groups and attention to detail is our first priority at the CCM Goalie Camp.

Join us, if you are looking to make the save of the game.

Made for Pro athletes

With the CCM Pro Goalie Camp, we wanted to put a lot of focus on each goalie, so that every minute on the ice is designed to make you a better goalie.

Instead of running countless drills, we want to focus on a few specific drills and go into every detail. Everything is given in order to create an optimal training environment. Not only is it an unbelievable place to train, but it is also an unforgettable experience with fellows of the so called special breed.

Join us, if you are looking to make the difference when it counts.

  10 hours of on ice practice

10 hours of intense goalie practice with our three goalie coaches at the CCM Goalie Camp. Each day will feature specific drills designed to improve a specific aspect of goaltending set at camp start.

  5 hours of specialized hockey off ice training

Our strength and conditioning specialist James Brown will design a specific strength and conditioning program for hockey goalies and will explain the reasoning behind it in his daily lectures.

  The camp is located in the midst of the Italian Alps

On top of a great training camp, it will be a unforgettable experience. There is plenty of time for optional sightseeing in order to turn this week into an amazing trip to the Italian Alps. The CCM Goalie Camp is much more than just a summer hockey camp.

  Daily video sessions

Each goalie is recorded during the hockey camp and will receive additional feedback when reviewing the video off the ice. On top of that, our coaching staff will have plenty of video material taken during practice sessions with NHL goalies, and will go over and discuss the main aspects aimed at during the camp.

  Meet new fellow goaltenders and network in the goalie world

There is no doubt this camp will take your game to the next level. On top of that, it is a great opportunity to meet new coaches and fellow goaltenders. Summer hockey camps are also here to network and make new friends.

There is no better place to bond with fellow goaltenders!


Exclusively for our hockey camp, CCM ships in new equipment for our participants. It is not just some hockey equipment, but it is the brand new CCM MODEL 2019 series equipment.

Official CCM Test day

On the first day, all of the participants will have full access to the newest CCM hockey equipment. At our hockey camps, you will find the perfect equipment as well!

-50% on all equipment purchases DURING THE CAMP

Not only can our athletes test the newest equipment at our camps, they also have the chance to buy it for half the price during the hockey camp.

Dates: July 9th to 13th 2019

NUMBER OF GOALIES: 2 groups of 9

Price: 649,- Euro (Tax included)

Magnus Olsson

Magnus Olsson can look back at a skyrocketing goalie coaching career so far. He has established the Bluecrease Goaltending Goalie Clinic in Sweden and has achieved tremendous success. As a highly motivated goalie coach, he has used all his networking resources to rapidly grow his summer hockey camps and has gained a great reputation in the goalie filled Sweden.

In 2015, he was part of the Goalie Coaching Symposium in Chicago, where he skated with multiple NHL goalies like Pekka Rinne and Viktor Fasth.

During the season, Magnus is a full time goalie coach for the Malmö Redhawks in the Swedish Major Junior league, as well as for the Frankfurt Lions in the DEL2.

Being the Co-founder of the Pro Goalie Camp Val Gardena, Magnus has brought all his expertise to Italy and keeps setting the standards every year.

We are very proud to have him as a backbone of our coaching staff, which assures continuity and quality of the camp.

Peter Josephson

Peter Josepshon has been with us for the second year now. He also brings a lot of experience to us as he has also worked with many goalie coaches from the Swedish national ranks.

Currently, Peter works as a professional goalie coach in the first Norwegian Pro league with Frisk Asker.


As physical aspect has become crucial in the past years, we sought out to an absolute expert in this field. James Brown has complemented our coaching staff perfectly. He is from London, Great Britain, and is a personal trainer for athletes of multiple sports. His strong background in strength and conditioning as well as nutrition will provide a great source for our athletes at the Pro Goalie Camp. He is specialized in functional training and has developed a training program excluselively for hockey goaltenders. This will not only make our goalies stronger and quicker, but also help them prevent injuries.






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