On the first day of the Powerskating Camp we will screen and analyze our players, so that we get a feel of the general level of each participant. Also, we will do on ice testing in order to generate a standard of evaluation for the end of the camp.


    On the second day, our on ice sessions will focus on finding the right balance on our skates and edges. This is the most important aspect of powerskating and cannot be neglected. From youth to the NHL, this is where it all starts.


    On the third day, we will intensify our edge work in order to gain full control of our skates. Full control will truly maximize our potential, as we can only access full power through full use of inner and outer edge. This is what powerskating is all about.


    On the fourth day, we will further continue our powerskating program towards more explosivity in each of our strides. This will help us generate the power that we need to beat our opponends when the game is on the line.


    On the last day, we will go over the key aspects of our powerskating technique and perform the on ice testing again.

    This will give us a great overview of where our players could improve and show how much can be done in only 5 days.


July 16th to 20th 2019

in Selva Val Gardena, Italy

JULY 22ND TO 26TH 2019



The perfect skating technique is the base for Your successful pro hockey career. With intensive edge work and attention to detail, the power skating sessions during the CCM Powerskating Camp will make You faster, quicker, and ready to score the championship winning goal. This is what our summer  hockey camps are all about.

The future of hockey training

The CCM Powerskating Camp has been created to give young motivated hockey players the opportunity to train with world class powerskating coaches. On top of that, we want to give them the chance to compare their skills with athletes from all over the world, as we had 15 nations at the CCM Powerskating Camp 2018.

Andreas Larsson has worked with NHL players like Rasmus Dahlin and Kevin Fiala. Train like the Pros and learn from the best.

Join us, if you are looking to make the difference when it counts.

  12,5 hours of on ice practice

In our summer camp, we will work intensively on each aspect of powerskating. Our camp is focused only on powerskating in order to be able to work on every little detail and focus on each aspect of edge control. This distincts us from our competitors.

  10 hours of off ice

The players will work with a specific off ice coach. Our focus will be on teaching our players how to properly train off the ice in order to increase on powerskating performance on the ice. Our goal is that the players learn the right technique for off ice training and can train on their own after our summer camp.

  The Summer camp is located in the midst of the Italian Alps

Our hockey camp is located in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Not only does this place bring ideal climate and training conditions, but it's also an ideal spot for awesome hikes and city visits. The CCM Powerskating Camp is much more than just a summer hockey camp.

  Limited availability

We limit the available spots to 25 in our hockey camps in order to have high quality practices. This is our first priority. We distinct ourselves from our competition because we provide instant feedback to each individual on the ice, and therefore only accept the amount of players which allows us to do so. Hockey is a game of details, and these are what we focus on.

  Different age groups

To train the athletes more specific and effective, they are divided into groups according to age. For each summer camp, we have a U13 division (8 to 12 years old) and a U18 division (13 to 18 years old). Older players are also welcome.


Exclusively for our hockey camp, CCM ships in new equipment for our participants. It is not just some hockey equipment, but it is the brand new CCM MODEL 2019 series equipment.

Official CCM Test day

On the first day, all of the participants will have full access to the newest CCM hockey equipment. At our hockey camps, you will find the perfect equipment as well!

-50% on all equipment purchases DURING THE CAMP

Not only can our athletes test the newest equipment at our camps, they also have the chance to buy it for half the price during the hockey camp.

Andreas Larsson

Andreas Larsson is a former Swedish national team sprint speedskater and world champion. He still has the Swedish record in 100m speed skating.

He has been working with hockey players for 20 years to improve their power skating technique and off ice performance.

Andreas owns his own HockeyPT Performance Center in Gothenburg, Sweden.

During the summer, he coaches NHL players such as Erik Karlsson (Ottawa Senators), Hampus Lindholm (Anaheim Ducks), Loui Eriksson (Boston Bruins), Joakim Andersson (Detroit Redwings) to mention a few.

During the winter Andreas is powerskating and development coach for Frölunda Indians, one of the top teams in the SHL and Champions hockey League winner in 2016. Andreas has also worked with Rasmus Dahlin, the number one draft pick in 2018, for 4 years.

TommI Flinck

Tommi can look back at a long pro career in Finland and France, where he was always a leader on the team. During his active coaching career he worked in France and Italy.

Tommi brings a lot of experience and hockey know-how to the camp, and will surely help the players with his vast knowledge of the camp as a player and coach.


As physical aspect has become crucial in the past years, we sought out to an absolute expert in this field. James Brown has complemented our coaching staff perfectly. He is from London, Great Britain, and is a personal trainer for athletes of multiple sports. His strong backround in strenght and conditioning as well as nutrition will provide a great source for our athletes trying to improve their power skating. He is specialized in functional training and has developed a training program exclusively for hockey players. This will not only make our players stronger and quicker, but also help them prevent injuries.

Price: 549,- Euro (tax included)






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