Pro Hockey Europe: Episode 10 – Navigating New Beginnings and Expanding Horizons

Hello, hockey fans! It’s Martin, back with another chapter in the Pro Hockey Europe saga

A Return to Normalcy

2022 felt like a breath of fresh air. With the world slowly emerging from the grips of the pandemic, there was a semblance of normalcy returning. Planning became easier without the looming threat of travel restrictions.

Fresh Faces, Fresh Perspectives

During the pandemic years, we had the privilege of welcoming Jorma Valtonen to our coaching team. Jorma’s credentials are nothing short of impressive. As a former player for the Finnish national team and a participant in the Winter Olympics, coupled with his coaching experience in the KHL for Locomotive Yaroslavl, he brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to our camps. His inclusion further elevated the quality of our training sessions, ensuring our participants received world-class coaching.

Sticking to Familiar Grounds

Given the uncertainties of the past years, I decided to keep our camp locations consistent, focusing on Val Gardena and Val di Fassa. Venturing too far or making ambitious plans felt premature. It was essential to ensure stability and provide the best experience without overextending ourselves.

Looking Beyond Europe

One of the visions I had fostered during 2019-20 was to establish a camp in Canada, specifically within a hockey academy. The idea was multifaceted: European participants could experience a camp in the heartland of hockey, explore Canada, and get a first-hand look at a hockey academy and university. This would provide them with a comprehensive view of the college system, campus hockey academies, and a taste of what playing hockey in North America feels like. It’s a dream many European juniors harbour, and I wanted to make it a reality.

2022 was a year of cautious optimism, consolidation, and laying the groundwork for future ambitions. As always, our commitment to offering the best training experience remained unwavering. Stay tuned for the next episode as we continue to explore the evolution of Pro Hockey Europe. πŸ’πŸŒŽπŸ

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