Pro Hockey Europe: Episode 2 – The Birth of the Official Camp

2014 marked a significant shift in the trajectory of Pro Hockey Europe. It was the year when things started to take a more structured form, thanks to some unexpected yet welcome collaborations.

### The Swedish Connection Grows

Magnus approached me with exciting news. He introduced me to another goalie coach, Peter Josephson, and mentioned that he was keen on joining our training sessions. But that wasn’t all. Magnus also knew a power skating coach for players, Nicholas Glader. Both Peter and Nicholas, hailing from Sweden, were eager to be a part of our camp. With their inclusion, it was clear that we could now expand our horizons and invite players as well.

### From Informal Training to an Official Camp

This development meant that I had to step up my game. It was no longer just about calling a few friends over for training. I had to organize, plan, and promote. I remember designing a flyer to spread the word. Looking back, it was a humble attempt, but it did the job. Through word of mouth, calls to friends, and the influence of Magnus and Nicholas, we managed to gather around 10 goalies and 30 players. Some even traveled from Sweden, marking the arrival of our first international participants.

### Juggling Roles

The camp was a whirlwind of activities. The goalies, including myself, still had our 7:00 a.m. sessions. I remember skating off the ice, rushing to check in the players, heading back for off-ice training, ensuring everyone was settled, and then darting off for lunch. The afternoons were packed with video sessions for the goalies and more training.

Amidst all this, my primary goal remained unchanged: to train and improve my skills. While organizing the camp was essential, my heart was still on the ice, striving to be the best goalie I could be. The camp’s organization was more of a byproduct of my passion for the sport. I wanted to train, and the fact that others joined in was a bonus. It wasn’t about setting up a camp for others; it was about creating an environment where like-minded individuals could come together and push their limits.

That year, Pro Hockey Europe transitioned from an informal gathering to an official camp. It was a learning curve, a blend of challenges and triumphs. But most importantly, it laid the foundation for what was to come. Stay tuned for more stories from our journey! 🏒🌄

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