Pro Hockey Europe: Episode 9 – Adapting and Innovating Amidst Challenges

Greetings, hockey enthusiasts! Let’s continue our journey through the evolution of Pro Hockey Europe.

Navigating Uncertainty

The shadow of the pandemic still loomed large in 2021. The uncertainty, especially during the winter months, made planning a challenge. Many were hesitant to commit to registrations in advance. This period tested my patience and resilience, but the drive to keep Pro Hockey Europe alive and thriving was unwavering. Despite the challenges, we witnessed growth. It might not have been the exponential growth we had envisioned pre-pandemic, but the fact that we were growing at all was a testament to our commitment and the trust our community placed in us.

New Faces, New Perspectives

One of the unforeseen outcomes of the pandemic was the travel restrictions, which meant I couldn’t bring in our usual coaching staff from Canada. This challenge, however, turned into an opportunity. It led me to discover Hardy Gensel (Eisbären Berlin) and Robin Beckers (Krefeld) from Germany. Their inclusion brought fresh perspectives and techniques to our training sessions. The feedback from our participants was overwhelmingly positive, and they have become a mainstay, continuing to work with us into the subsequent years, with Hardy still being with us in 2024.

Expanding Our Offerings

Our camp structure remained consistent with two weeks of power skating, a week of stickhandling, and two weeks dedicated to goalie training. But 2021 was also a year of innovation. We introduced the ‘Decision Making Camp’, a unique offering not seen anywhere else in Europe. Guiding this camp was Pertti Hasanen from Finland, a former coach for the New Jersey Devils. His vast experience and insights added a new dimension to our training modules, ensuring that our participants received a holistic training experience. It was about teaching our players not only technical skills, but to go beyond: we wanted to teach them how to play the game of hockey.

Continuous Evolution

The introduction of the Decision Making Camp was a reflection of our commitment to staying ahead of the curve and offering our participants the best and most comprehensive training possible. It was a pioneering effort, setting Pro Hockey Europe apart as a leader in hockey training in Europe.

2021 was a year of adaptation, innovation, and growth. Despite the challenges, Pro Hockey Europe continued to evolve, bringing in new expertise and expanding our training modules. Join me in the next episode as we delve deeper into this incredible journey. 🏒🌍📈

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