During our camps we have special dedicated shooting sessions for all of our players, this is the perfect opportunity to specifically train and improve your tecnique drammatically. Our trained professional coaches will work with you individually to break down the shooting tecnique to maximise your potential using the wrist shot, snap shot and slap shot.

Off Ice Shooting

In 2019 we had custom shooting tunnels made for our camps in order to have the chance to improve our shooting also off the ice. This is a major step fowards as players tend to not have enough shooting practice in their season teams. This is why we will have specific shooting sessions where we can work on the different techniques and develop the hardest shot we ever had.

Young boy practicing stickhandling hockey

Off Ice Stickhandling

Great stickhandling requires countless repetitions and hard work. This is why we keep working on it also off the ice on our synthetic ice surface. This will generate a close to same feeling as real ice and give us the best circumstances to get better on and off the ice. This is how we can make two steps forward in just one day.


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