On the first day of the Stickhandling Camp, we will go through the basics of stickhandling and hockey posture. This lays the base for everything else on the ice. Also, we will perform on ice testing to generate a standard of evaluation.


    On the second day, we will go through some detailed stickhandling work to get the hands working. The key aspect will be to separate upper and lower body, and keep your eyes focues on your opponent.


    The next step is shooting. We will go through each shooting technique: The wrist shot, the snap shot and the slap shot. Each of the shooting techniques has its specific use and needs to be learned thoroughly.


    Goal scoring is where everything comes together. Stickhandling, shooting, and the ultimate hockey scoring sense. It's not just about having a hard shot or good move, it's about reading and reacting to the play.


    On the last day, we will go over the key aspects of stickhandling and shooting and put it in practice in some games. Also, we will perform on ice testing in order to evaluate our players' improvements over the 5 days.

July 9th to 13th 2019

in Selva Val Gardena, Italy




Flawless stickhandling technique is what makes a good player a great player. Players like McDavid and Crosby stand out because of their lighting fast stickhandling abilities. Rise and shine at another level with our specific stickhandling program at the CCM Stickhandling Camp, which will make you ready to score when the game is on the line. This is what our summer hockey camps are all about.

The future of hockey training

The CCM Stickhandling camp has been created to give young motivated hockey players the opportunity to train with world class stickhandling coaches and learn what it takes to score the decisive goal.

The perfect stickandling technique will give you new opportunities in front of the net, so that you can read and react to the goalie's movements. Good hockey sense is what will transform you into a true goal scorer.

Join us, if you are looking to make the difference when it counts.

Don MacLean

Don played in the NHL for the Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings, Toronto Maple Leafs, Phoenix Coyotes and Columbus Blue Jackets. On top, he played in Europe in the NLA (ZSC Lions), EBEL, and in Sweden.

Also as a coach, Don has multiple years of experience in the KHL and OHL.

What an amazing opportunity to train with such an expert!

Tommi Flinck

Tommi can look back at a long pro career in Finland and France, where he was always a leader on the team. During his active coaching career he worked in France and Italy.

Tommi brings a lot of experience and hockey know-how to the camp, and will surely help the players with his vast knowledge of the camp as a player and coach.


As physical aspect has become crucial in the past years, we sought out to an absolute expert in this field. James Brown has complemented our coaching staff perfectly. He is from London, Great Britain, and is a personal trainer for athletes of multiple sports. His strong background in strength and conditioning as well as nutrition will provide a great source for our athletes at our summer hockey camps. He is specialized in functional training and has developed a training program excluselively for hockey goaltenders. This will not only make our goalies stronger and quicker, but also help them prevent injuries.

  12,5 hours of on ice practice

In our camps we will work intensively on each aspect of powerskating. Our camp is focused only on stickhandling and shooting so that we can dissect the stickhandling and shooting process and build a strong base. This is distincts us from our competitors.

  10 hours of off ice

The players will work with a specific off ice coach. Our focus will be on teaching our players how to properly train off the ice in order to increase on ice performance. Our goal is that the players learn the right techniques and posters for off ice training, so that they can train on their own even after the summer hockey camp.

  The camp is located in the midst of the Italian Alps

Our hockey camp is located in one of the most beautiful places in the world. No only does this place bring ideal climate and training conditions, but it is also an ideal spot for awesome hikes and city visits. The CCM Stickhandling Camp is much more than a summer hockey camp.

  Limited availability

We limit the available spots in our camps to 25 in order to have high quality practices. This is our first priority. We distinct ourselves from our competition because we provide instant feedback to each individual on the ice, and therefore only accept the amount of players which allows us to do so.

  Different age groups

To train the athletes more specific and effective, they are divided into groups according to age. For each of our camps, we have a U13 division (8 to 12 years old) and a U18 division (13 to 18 years old). Older players are also welcome.

Brand new CCM MODEL 2019 equipment testing

Exclusively for our hockey camp, CCM ships in new equipment for our participants. It is not just some hockey equipment, but it is the brand new CCM MODEL 2019 series equipment.

Official CCM Test day

On the first day, all of the participants will have full access to the newest CCM hockey equipment. At our hockey camps, you will find the perfect equipment as well!

-50% on all equipment purchases DURING THE CAM

Not only can our athletes test the newest equipment at our camps, they also have the chance to buy it for half the price during the hockey camp.

Price: 549,- Euro (Tax included)






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